Rob Westerlund – Author


First Person Omniscient

a philosophical thriller


Rob Westerlund

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Die Hard at a Movie Studio’

     A Hollywood exec wakes up omniscient and discovers he must save the lives of one hundred of the greatest stars in Hollywood, and the love of his life, from a terrorist attack.

The Philosophical Thriller, First Person Omniscient, pulls back the curtain shrouding reality with the insights of the first human to become omniscient.  Jetson, a movie studio film development assistant, wakes to find himself able to know everything, ranging from what people are thinking, to the quantum makeup of an individual, to what will transpire in the future.  Sorting through the surge of information flooding his consciousness, he discerns that there is going to be a deadly terrorist attack on the studio.  Jetson is the only one who knows about the attack, and the only one who can save one hundred of Hollywood’s greatest stars who have arrived to take part in the studio’s centennial celebration, and the only one who can save the love of his life.

First Person Omniscient is an insightful and humorous walk behind the scenes of a movie studio, and reality, as Jetson explores the nature of thought and perception, foreknowledge of how to defeat the terrorists and save a hundred lives, and how to negotiate the egos of the biggest stars in Hollywood.  Jetson wrestles with the twists of firearms and fate as he embraces his quirky romantic relationship with one of Hollywood’s brightest stars while they skirt the grasp of desperate men bent on destroying them.  First Person Omniscient will not only make it impossible for the reader to put it down, but it will entertain, amuse, and educate all at the same time.

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